Return after Halloween mid-term break

Dear Parents & Guardians

As we prepare to reopen on Monday 2nd November, I wish to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our students, staff and parents/guardians for the huge efforts that have been made since the end of August to ensure the safety of our school community as we strive to maintain learning and teaching in these difficult and enduring times.

These are challenging times for all in the school and wider community which require ongoing and continuously changing measures to be put in place. The sustained co-operation and commitment of everybody has ensured our school has had a safe reopening to date. This term too will bring its own challenges as the numbers of Covid-19 continue to grow both locally and nationally. All of us will be required to intensify our efforts as we seek to combat this virus and reduce its impact on learning and teaching and more particularly, the health of our school community.



Studies have clearly shown that changing the air in a room greatly reduced the spread of Covid-19. We do this in school by keeping classroom windows open during lessons and by emptying classrooms of people twice a day for breaks.

Now that winter is fast approaching the weather is going to get colder and wetter. Some days it could be raining at break time. Could you please ensure your child(ren) have a coat on every day, going to school,  so that they can go to the yard, even in light rain? When the children are out on breaks it facilitates the airing and sanitising of all classrooms twice a day.



Parents, guardians and grandparents have been brilliant so far and have really helped us to keep the school open safely. As we return can everybody ensure that they continue to maintain a safe, social distance (preferably 2 metres or more) in the school grounds when dropping off / collecting pupils and chatting with each other.



School opening times and closing times are staggered to ensure that only one block of pupils is coming / going on the yard at a time – which reduce pupils’ numbers gathering  and interacting with others.


3rd class    &  6th  class              

START   8.50 am     FINISH   2.30 pm


4th  class  &   5th  class             

 START   9.00 am    FINISH   2.40 pm


4th &  5th class start at the later time.  To avoid extra people gathering, 4th and 5th class pupils should NOT be on the yard until 3rd & 6th classes are in the school building. 3rd & 6 th classes should leave school premises quickly at 2.30pm.


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