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24th January 2021

There are some brand new lessons on the way this week, as well as new science experiments in the Hub Lab and lots of physical activity with Múinteoir Emer.

This article will be updated throughout the week with new activity sheets and resources to help teachers and parents home schooling.

In the meantime here is what’s in store for the week starting Monday, 25 January.

Monday 25/01

NEW Home School Hub 10am
We’ve some brand new lessons for you today on Home School Hub.

In Múinteoir Ray’s music class, we are learning all about blues music and we’ll be writing our own lockdown blues song and singing along!
Music – The blues

Múinteoir John is teaching us how to use the apostrophe in todays English class. (Can you spot the error?!)

And we are learning about St Brigid and how to make a “Brídeog” in Múinteoir Clíona’s art class. 
St Brigid

Phil of Science is here experimenting with a paper boat in today’s Hub Lab and we’ll be getting our hearts pumping in PE class with Múinteoir Emer

Home School Hub 11am
Today we are learning all about the Children of Lir and how to distinguish between fictional accounts in stories, myths and legends and events in the past with Múinteoir Ray. 
History – Children of Lir

In today’s Gaeilge class with Múinteoir John we are learning about the clothes we wear on special occasions.

And Múinteoir Clíona teaches us how to make our own lava lamp as we explore some of the effects light, air and water have on various materials.
Make your own lava lamp!

Tuesday 26/01

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray is teaching us how to create a fact file and we’ll be learning all about the life and work of the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford in today’s SPHE class. 
Marcus Rashford

We’ll be learning all about area in Múinteoir John’s maths class.
Maths – Area

And we’ll be mixing history, art agus Gaeilge together today with Múinteoir Clíona as we learn all about the Famine Ships.
History – Famine ships

Múinteoir Emer will be giving us some key hydration tips in today’s ‘Exercise with Emer’ and we are making rockets in the lab with Phil of Science.

Home School Hub 11am
Múinteoir Ray is talking to us about Robby the Robin and the natural environment that surrounds us. There’s so much wildlife within our 5km limit!

In Múinteoir John’s maths class we will learn how data is gathered and different ways to display and understand data.
Maths – Data

And with Múinteoir Clíona we are travelling back in time and learning all about the Normans!
History – The Normans

Wednesday 27/01

NEW Home School Hub 10am
We go back in time to Ancient Greece this morning with Múinteoir Ray as we learn all about the Olympic Games in today’s history class. 

Múinteoir John goes back to the 90’s as we make some retro art in a really cool class. 

Agus beidh Múinteoir Clíona ag caint faoin aimsir i rang Gaeilge an lae inniú.

It’s all about a Balanced Diet as we get moving in today’s Exercise with Emer and we are back in the Hub Lab experimenting with ice with Phil of Science! 

Home School Hub 11am
We get up moving, twisting and dancing with Múinteoir Ray first thing this morning in his PE class.
PE with Ray

In today’s English class with Múinteoir John we will learn about different types of poems and write our very own Limericks.
English poetry

It’s time for music with Múinteoir Clíona and she will be teaching you a song in French! We’re going to learn the different parts of the body in French and the sing about them using a famous song.
Music – Alouette

Thursday 28/01

NEW Home School Hub 10am
In today’s art class, Múinteoir Ray will be teaching us all about the influential American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Múinteoir John will be showing us all around the house in today’s Gaeilge class.

Plus we will be using our hand to relax and practice gratitude in today’s SPHE class with Múinteoir Clíona.

Múinteoir Emer tells us how important it is to get as much physical activity in each day as we get moving in today’s Exercise with Emer. Plus, there’s another Hub Lab with Phil about submarines! 

Home School Hub 11am
Today we will learn about how we can use imagination and different patterns in maths with Múinteoir Ray.

Our special guest Laura O’Grady will teach us Irish Sign Language (ISL) and how to spell our own name using ISL.
Learn more about ISL here

And in today’s art class with Múinteoir Clíona we learn how to draw and paint a picture using a viewfinder.
Art – How to make a viewfinder

Friday 29/01

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray will be teaching us one of the more fun areas of maths. We’re talking shapes! 

Múinteoir John will be introducing us to Jamaica and the work of Bob Marley in this music class. There will be singing too!

And Múinteoir Clíona will be showing us some creative ways to use language with art.

Emer is back for our final workout of the week and Phil of Science has another experiment up his sleeve in the Hub Lab!

Home School Hub 11am
Today we are all going to be sentence detectives and discover different types of sentences and how we can use them in Múinteoir Ray’s English class.

In today’s maths class we learn about angles and degrees and where we can both see them in everyday objects with Múinteoir John.
Maths – Angles

To finish the week Múinteoir Clíona is looking at what is in our soil and what plants it supports. It’s a really important part of nature we don’t really see!
Geography – The soil

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