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Home School Hub is breaking through the dark days, like a ray of sunshine and, dare we say it…is there a bit of a stretch in the evenings already?!

So, make sure to tune in every weekday from 10am on RTÉ2 to join the class wherever you are. For students, parents and teachers this is where the lessons will be posted and the new activity sheets will be added as the week goes on.

We want you to check in here and share your learning with us! So, let’s see what’s in store…

Monday, 8 February

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray will be teaching us how to write a postcard in today’s English class. 
English – Postcards

We’ll be exploring the heart in science class with Múinteoir John. 
Science – The Heart

And in Múinteoir Clíona’s music class we’ll be making music using a balloon, glasses and some bottles.

Múinteoir Emer will be telling us why breakfast is so important in the first exercise class of the week.

There’s some great special guests all week too! We start on Monday with Dubs legend Lyndsey Davey. We know she can take the heat in Croke Park because she is a fire fighter!

And, Magician Aidan McCann is also here with his sister Molly to show us a few tricks!


Home School Hub 11am
Bhíomar ag caint, ag éisteacht, ag léamh agus ag scríobh chéile faoi caitheamh aimsire le Múinteoir Ray.

In art we look at the contemporary art of Keith Haring and try and draw our own interpretations of some of his works with Múinteoir John.
Art – Keith Haring
Ealaín – Keith Haring

Do you know what a ‘Clinometer’ is? Don’t worry if not! Muinteoir Clíona explains it all to you.
Science – Clinometer

Tuesday, 9 February

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Beidh Síofra an Sioráf agus Liam an Laoch ag imirt le bréagán le Múinteoir Ray i rang Gaelige.

Oh NO he isn’t! Múinteoir John is teaching us all about the pantomine in today’s history class.

And in Múinteoir Clíona’s art class, we’ll be learning how to recreate famous skyscrapers in our own window’s.

We’re back in the Hub Lab with Phil of Science today, experimenting with 3D printing and Múinteoir Emer will be getting our heart rate racing with another Exercise with Emer.

Learn about 3D printing with Phil of Science.

Home School Hub 11am
Today Múinteoir Ray puts on a show and he wants you to join in.
Drama – Play

We will learn all about different types of currencies and the importance of decimal points while we count them in this maths class with Múinteoir John.
Maths – Decimal point

And in English class with Múinteoir Clíona, we’ll be studying poetry and learn how it can be used to evoke different types of imagery.
English – Imagery

Wednesday, 10 February

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray is teaching how to write our own Sea Shanties in a really fun music class. We want to hear your own versions too!

In English class with Múinteoir John we’ll be learning all about adjectives. 

Múinteoir Clíona will be introducing us to the life of the Irish historical figure, Grace Gifford.

PLUS we’ll be finding out why stretching is so important in today’s Exercise with Emer.

Home School Hub 11am
Today Múinteoir Ray explains how we express our opinions and how it is important to respect the opinions of others.
SPHE – Fact v Opinion
SPHE – Fíric Tuairim

We will learn about the counties of Ulster in Múinteoir johns geography class. How many can you name before the lesson?

Today Múinteoir Clíona shows us how to create our own stamps.
Art – Stamps
Ealaín – Stampa

Thursday, 11 February

NEW Home School Hub 10am
We’ll be learning all about the engineering that goes into bridges in today’s science class with Múinteoir Ray.

It’s all about the ‘bear necessities’ with Múinteoir John in today’s Jungle Art class.

Agus beimid ag foghlaim agus ag canadh faoi éiníní le Múinteoir Clíona i rang Gaeilge an lae inniu.

Dr Niamh Shaw will be telling us all about Gravity in today’s Space Hub and Múinteoir Emer will be talking about eating the alphabet in Exercise with Emer.

Home School Hub 11am
Let’s learn about the great explorer Tom Crean and his voyages with Captain Scott in this history class with Múinteoir Ray.
History – Tom Crean
Stair – Tom Crean

Múinteoir John will teaching us all about the importance of personal hygiene in an SPHE class.
SPHE – Hygiene
SPHE – Sláinteachas

And, Múinteoir Clíóna teaches us about mapping our homes and furniture in Irish.

Friday, 12 February

NEW Home School Hub 10am
We’ll be learning all about trees in today’s history class with Múinteoir Ray.

With Pancake Tuesday just around the corner, Múinteoir John has a themed maths class for us today on capacity.

Múinteoir Clíona will busting a move with a PE class with a twist!

And we’ll be using our senses with Múinteoir Emer in today’s exercise class.

Home School Hub 11am
Today we learn about the carnival of Venice and how to make our very own Venetian mask in Múinteoir Ray’s Art Class.
Art – Venetian masks
Ealain – Maisc Veinéiseacha

As part of Home School Hub Movie Week, we learn about different types of movies with Múinteoir John.
English – Movies

Múinteoir Clíona teaches us all about the ultraviolet rays of the sun and how important it is to protect our skin.
Geography – Sunscreen

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7th February 2021

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