Parental Declaration Form

We are looking forward to welcoming everybody back tomorrow morning.

Reminder for tomorrow

Parental Declaration Form

All pupils returning to school need to have a Parental Declaration Form completed before they enter the school.

One form must be completed for each child.

This can be completed in 3 ways:

  1. Complete the form on-line from our website
  2. Download the form from our website, print it off, fill it in and then give it to your child to bring into school.
  3. Get a form from the office, fill it in and return it to the office.

The handiest and quickest way is to go to our website and fill it in on-line.

This means you don’t have to call to the school, you do not have to print it off and your child does not have to remember to bring it in on Monday next.

This form must be filled in each time a pupil returns after an absence.

The form on our website is located under REOPEN SCHOOL.

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