Relationships & Sexuality Education (RSE) Information for Parents

As part of the school’s SPHE curriculum Relationship & Sexuality Education is taught to the pupils from 3rd to 6th Class at age appropriate level in accordance with St. Bernadette’s S.N.S. RSE policy. The policy outlines why RSE is taught in school as well as clarifying the specific content and appropriate language to be taught at each class level. The full text of the RSE policy is available on the school website under the PARENTS tab.. 

From now to June pupils from 3rd Class to 6th Class will be taught a specific Relationships and Sexuality (RSE) lesson as part of the Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum. These lessons are usually on the curriculum to be taught after Christmas but due to the Covid-19 school closure, these lessons could not be taught to the pupils by teacher. 

The planned RSE lessons will now be taught to all relevant pupils by their class teacher.

You can examine the content to be taught by clicking on the class group name below. 



There are a number of documents that you may find useful attached below.

Please click on the image to read to that document


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