Yasmin, a third class pupil in Ms. McHugh’s class, kindly donated her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation in early June this year. Yasmin should be very proud of her kindness and bravery. What a wonderful gift to be able to give; something of yourself that will help other children in need. Well done Yasmin.
The Rapunzel Foundation works to improve the lives of those living with hair loss (Alopecia) through fundraising as well as through hair raising. Hair is raised through the Rapunzel Foundation’s Ponytail campaign, where people commit to growing their hair 14 inches or longer with the view to their hair being sent to help make much-needed wigs to improve the lives of those living with hair loss.
Yasmin donated her hair and also raised €550 for the Rapunzel Trust. Yasmin got her hair cut at Hair Candy, a salon registered with the Rapunzel Foundation. Yasmin sent her ponytail to the Rapunzel Foundation in Wexford.
Yasmin has previously donated hair in July 2019 to the Little Princess Trust, who provide wigs for children and young adults with hair loss due to alopecia and cancer treatment.
Yasmin’s courageous act of generosity and kindness has made a huge difference and made someone smile.

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