Home School Community Liaison teacher

Home School Teacher

Maria Lawless has completed her 5 year contact as Home School Community Liaison teacher (HSCL), shared between the Junior and Senior schools.
Maria did tremendous work and achieved a lot. We are extremely grateful to her for all she introduced, set up and achieved in HSCL in both schools.
Gillian Lynch is the new shared HSCL teacher. She hopes to continue on where Maria left off and carry on the initiatives Maria started and also introduce some new ones (Covid 19 restrictions permitting).
Gillian can be contacted on the same HSCL mobile number (085) 763-0466. You can text, WhatsApp or ring her on that number. You can also e-mail Gillian at hscl@bernadettes.ie.
Gillian is really looking forward to her new role as shared HSCL teacher, meeting and working with parents and guardians in both schools.

(085) 763-0466



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