opening / closing times.

Opening / closing times.

This year there is a slight change to opening / closing times.

Last year these times were staggered. Pupils were brilliant at adhering and obeying social distance advice in the yards. Therefore, this year there is no need to have staggered time – all pupils will begin at the same time of 8.50 am and go home at 2.30 pm. They can social distance safely in the yards.

Drop Off and Collection Times

To help with reducing the amount of traffic around the school gates, children are asked to walk/cycle/scoot to school if it is at all possible.


To reduce the human traffic flow to the school pupils have their own areas  in the yard to line up at in the morning – all spaced safely apart.

Classes will be brought in from the yard,  one class at a time,  through their own separate block door.

All classes start at 8.50am and finish at 2.30pm.

Start time classes Finish time
8.50 am 3rd & 4th   classes  (boiler  house yard)

5th &  6th  classes (playing pitch  yard)


2.30 pm


All the children will enter and leave the building through their own separate block door.

Unfortunately, in the interest of public safety we are asking parents/guardians to not come into the school grounds and wait before/after school. To minimise the risks, and to help us to maintain social distancing, the children may not come onto the school grounds before the school open time for their class.

This system will apply rain, hail or shine so please make sure that your child comes to school prepared for the weather!


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