The Christmas season is fully underway now and we know all the children are looking forward to the big day. To add to the festivities, St Bernadette’s schools would like to invite our students with the help of their parents, to take part in a Christmas photography competition.
There will be a first, second and third prize for each block.
The photograph should be Christmas themed but should not contain facial images.
The closing date for entries is Thursday 16th December.
Send your photo to the relevant email below depending on what class your child is in.
Put the class teacher’s name and your child’s name in the subject bar.
ENTRIES FROM 3rd CLASS – send to:
ENTRIES FROM 4th CLASS – send to:
ENTRIES FROM 5th CLASS – send to:
ENTRIES FROM 6th CLASS – send to:
Prizes will be awarded on Monday 20th December.
So be creative and start snapping on your winter walks or take a photo of your Christmas tree or favourite light display in your neighbourhood.
You can use filters and any other photography techniques.
Gillian Lynch – Home School Community Teacher

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