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Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland, and part of the National Physical Activity Plan.

The ASF initiative provides schools with a framework to guide, support and incentivise them to work towards achieving a physically educated and physically active school community.

Once awarded, ASF remains valid for a period of 3 years, after which time schools are invited to re-engage with the process.

The school are striving to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. With help from our teachers, students, parents and wider community our school was recognised as an official ‘Active School’ in 2020. As always, when the school community puts our collective minds to something we can achieve big things. This will be no different. So thanks for everyone’s help, ideas and support, we will be flying the Active School Flag with pride during this school year.

Get Active!

To become an Active School, we needed to focus on 5 key areas.

  1. Energise the school day and the school year: we will be including ideas such as DEAR and DEAD (Drop Everything And Run / Drop Everything And Dance), an Active School Week built around our traditional sports day, rainy day lunch activities and plenty of extra-curricular physical activities to boost the energy levels of our students.
  2. Create stimulating playgrounds: you may already have noticed the changes made in the school playgrounds? If not, take a look on the ground next time you are in Corville. We are striving to make our playgrounds positive, fun, inspiring environments for all.
  3. Introduce variety: One size doesn’t fit all! We want to introduce children to as many different activities as possible. We invite the local community, sports clubs, physical activity facilitators to visit our school to give ‘taster’ training sessions to our students.
  4. Inclusivity: At all times we must ensure that all children can participate in these activities. We will need to focus on the children that are less active and try to find things that will interest them. Lastly we will aim to show the children that adults enjoy physical activity also by organising whole school activities involving teachers, parents and students.
  5. Make it fun! We want this project to be a positive and fun experience for all.

While we fly our flag with great pride, we are very conscious that the AS initiative is an ongoing process and our challenge now is to continue raising awareness of the importance and benefits of physical activity as an integral part of daily life.



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