Green Flags

St. Bernadette’s Senior National School has successfully  achieved 6 green schools flags and are working towards our 7th – theme which is “Global conservation: Energy”
1 – litter and waste
6-Global citizenship: litter and waste
7-Global citizenship: energy

 Our children and teachers work very hard and always rise to the challenge!  As always it is a great team effect from all the children and teachers alike. Green Schools is an enjoyable experience!!

Our green schools committee is made up of teachers and pupils. Each committee member is encouraged to voice their ideas and finally to report back to their class teachers. Their enthusiasm is great!

Meetings are held in the P.E. hall and targets are discussed.






Constant monitoring and evaluating of progress in St. Bernadette’s S.N.S. takes place as follows:

  • At all staff meetings the green schools coordinator reports on the progress of green schools themes and in particular the current theme of biodiversity. She applauds positive results and makes recommendations in conjunction with the staff where necessary.
  • Progress reports from class representatives (3rd – 6th) at all green schools meetings.
  • Publishing results of surveys on green schools notice board.
  • The Green Schools Committee feel that though posters, slogans, assembles, intercom notices and class announcements, the students and staff are most definitely more aware of the importance of recycling and that our actions may have a positive/negative impact on our climate.

Congratulations to St. Bernadette’s S.N.S. as they have received their sixth green school’s flag!

We have been working hard on the theme of Biodiversity for the past few years and our efforts paid off in May when two representatives from the green schools committee were invited to the Helix in Dublin along with two teachers to be presented with the green flag! It was a great day out and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Throughout the school year the parent’s association and volunteers from the community have been working extremely hard on clearing out and tidying up the school’s wildlife garden and planting garden. A sincere thanks to them and for their dedication to our school.

Funding was applied for, and graciously received, from  Department of Rural and Community Development through South Dublin County Local Community Development Committee to purchase litter pickers, gloves, refuse bags , markers, paints and art paper to make posters.


We have achieved green flags for:

FLAG 1:   responsible litter and waste disposal

FLAG 2: energy conservation

FLAG 3: water conservation

FLAG 4: travel

FLAG 5:  biodiversity which is the variety of all living things.  

FLAG 6: biodiversity

We have been doing lots of planting of bulbs, plants and trees. 

We also made bird feeders from orange peels to put bird feed into and hang on the trees outside.

 We created a new eco system – a bug hotel.  This is to encourage a variety of insects and bugs.  We have packed it with twigs, stones, ceramic plant pots and loads more. 

As a whole school activity, we created bee bombs made from compost and wild flower seeds. We threw these into the corner of the school yard under the trees and we can’t wait for them to grow in the Spring. 

Joanne, a green schools assessor from An Taisce, will visit our school on Mon 23rd Oct to see all the work we have been doing so far.






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