The Maths Eyes Concept

  • Adults believe that the real world mathematics they can do in life and work is just ‘common sense’ the real world mathematics they can’t do is mathematics.
  • Having Maths Eyes changes the view of mathematics as being something everyone does in school.  With maths eyes people see the mathematics they do everyday mathematics becomes real and meaningful.

Why is it important to have Maths eyes?

  • Having maths eyes promotes the usefulness of mathematics – Everyone has maths eyes they just need to be opened. Involves individuals, parents, children, young adolescents, pensioners, teachers, tutors.
  • Having maths eyes builds confidence in mathematics.
  • Having maths eyes encourages the use of the real world as a starting point for the relevant exploration in the maths world.
  • Having maths eyes provides excellent opportunities for linking education (primary, secondary, adult) and community.
  • Having maths eyes provides a platform for adults and children to share their maths eyes in their everyday life whether they are shopping, walking, driving, at sports events – everywhere.  Open a channel for dialogue about real world mathematics.
  • Maths Eyes provides parents with opportunities to talk about mathematics that are not related to homework
  • Having maths eyes promotes active citizenship and informed decision making.
  • When teachers, and tutors have maths eyes they can identify real world starting points for mathematics teaching and learning that are relevant to the social, cultural and educational context of their learners.
  • Developing maths eyes  helps to create a new inheritance for future generations –‘ we are all real world maths people’
  • Developing maths eyes resonates with the philosophy and approach to learning which underpin initiative in the Irish education system e.g. Project Maths


MATHS WEEK     14th  –  21st October 2023

MATHS WEEK 2023 – 4th classes

MATHS WEEK 2023 – 6th classes


MATHS WEEK – 3rd classes






MATHS WEEK – 4th class

MATHS WEEK – 3rd class

MATHS WEEK – 4th class

MATHS WEEK – 5th class

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