School Completion Programme (SCP)

Our school is part of Quarryvale / Balgaddy  School Completion Programme (SCP). SCP works to help students complete their education. It does this by running activities and events that will support students at risk of early school leaving. This is achieved in a number of ways utilising a range of innovative, creative as well as tried and tested interventions. These can happen in school, after school and at holiday time.

Quarryvale / Balgaddy  School Completion Programme (SCP) is a targeted service for young people who require additional support to get the most from their education.  The Quarryvale / Balgaddy School Completion Programme supports schools to ensure appropriate procedures are in place to monitor, identify and respond to attendance, participation, and retention issues.  

SCP project focuses on:

  • Improving children’s attendance at school 
  • Improving children’s participation in school (involvement in class and school activities)
  • Improving children’s retention (staying in school). 


School Completion Supports include: 

  • Social Skills
  • Transfer Programmes
  • Holiday Programmes
  • Behaviour Management
  • Self Esteem Programme 
  • Anger Management Programme
  • One to One Support
  • After School  Clubs
  • Summer Camps
  • Individual and small group needs based support

School Completion Programme follows evidence-based programmes where possible. Therapeutic interventions, if required, are provided through trained professionals that are accredited and experienced.

What makes the School Completion Programme model unique is its ‘bottom-up’ approach, which allows Local Management Committees (school-based, community, statutory and voluntary interests), to put together plans and supports that target the needs of local young people at risk of early school leaving.

SCP works closely with families, school staff, care teams, Home School Community Liaison co-ordinator (HSCL), Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and community support services to enable support to be available to individual students through a holistic approach.

It is not open to all pupils and students. Children and young people must be referred to the SCP. Schools, parents and other agencies can refer. Once a referral is made, then the SCP will see if SCP is the best support for the child. Not every child who is referred will receive support.


Parents Information Leaflet

Parents Information Leaflet


Referrer Information Leaflet

Referrer Information Leaflet


If you are interested in finding out more, please check out the Quarryvale / Balgaddy  School Completion Programme website – or contact the Quarryvale / Balgaddy SCP project coordinator, Tom Crean or our  Home School Community Liaison teacher, Gillian Lynch.


Quarryvale / Balgaddy  School Completion Programme Co-ordinator:   Tom Crean

Phone Number:   087 228 57 89





Amy Maguire
Mobile:    087  365 38 75
Michelle Kavanagh

Mobile:    087 187 11 69




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