Silver Jubilee Day

Friday 26th June 2009

Silver Jubilee Day to celebrate 25 years in our school

Friday 26th June 2009

The day consisted of:

Children singing  –  each block
Tree Planting – unveil plaque…Mr. Jim Frisby, retired principal
Time – Capsule..buried with memories – to be dug up in 25 years time!”
Balloon release
Open day – classes, library, computer room, parents room
Cake – 25 years
Magazine – to remember 25 years in photos and articles
Tea / Coffee / Refreshments

Request to parents

"From little acorns - mighty acorns do grow"

This old proverb was a favourite of Mr. jim Frisby’s as it always reminded him of how young children can grow and develop into something great with the proper nurture, attention and care.

When asked if he would plant a tree to mark the 25th anniversary of the school he remarked that he would love to plant an oak tree.




A magazine was produced to mark our 25th anniversary.


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