Bí Gnothach

The three 5th classes took part in ‘Bí Gnóthach’ before Easter. This is an educational programme that introduces 5th class pupils to the many aspects involved in setting up and running an enterprise. The children first of all had to decide on their business venture and they chose to make and sell decorated glass jars with tea-lights for Mother’s Day. They then applied for roles to be part of the Management, Finance, Marketing, Production, Sales, Quality control and Personnel teams.  Within these teams, they learned and developed a whole range of skills involved in setting up their own mini-business. The children worked brilliantly together and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Bí Gnóthach. Next stop ‘Dragon’s Den!!!’ A big thank you to all the other teachers and children throughout the school, who supported the project, from all the 5th class children and teachers.                           

Bí Gnothach Programme

The aim of the annual Bi Gnothach programme is to promote enterprise education in 5th & 6th class at primary level.  More than 10,000 primary school students have been introduced to enterprise education since the programme started in 2005. 

Each year, with materials and support from the Local Enterprise Office, students mainly from 5th and 6th class  in participating schools study what makes a business succeed, idea generation, market research, finance and production culminating in setting up their own business ( in some cases more than one business) and trading both inside and outside of school.


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