• The school has a dedicated library room.  A large selection of books suitable for all classes are available to the children. THe library was funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund.
  • Each class is timetabled to use the library room.  Adequate seating is available but some teachers like the children to sit on cushions on the floor in an informal relaxed arrangement
  • A software library provides a link with information Technology within the school.   S.R.A. reading kits are still available in the school, but their usage has diminished in recent years
  • Children (senior) assist in cataloguing books when necessary
  • The primary educators of children are the parents and as such the school shares resources and information with parents in relation to homework, shared reading etc
  • Each classroom has its own “mini library”.  Children can access this library on an informal basis when they have completed their class work or at the teachers discretion
  • The South Dublin County Council mobile library service visits the school every  Tuesday.  Each class can avail of age and class appropriate library books which are changed on the next visit.  Some individual teachers prefer to visit the local library themselves and change books when the need arises.
  • The school has adopted the Oxford tree library reading scheme, the GINN 360 and other similar schemes as ancillary reading material


PM Guided Readers

We are extremely fortunate to have our own full school set of PM guided readers.

Meticulously Levelled – the PM Way 

For guided reading success, books need to be accurately levelled. PM readers are organised according to a continuum of increasing difficulty.

On every page, the authors have taken special care with sentence structure, layout, illustrations, and use of vocabulary and high-frequency words to ensure a gentle learning gradient for pupils. Every PM reader is reading recovery/book banded approved from levels 1-30.


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