Home School Community Liaison (H.S.C.L.)

Home School Community Liaison     HSCL

HOME SCHOOL  LIAISON  refers to a  “Home School Community Liaison Teacher – H.S.C.L.T.”.   

The aim of the  “Home School Community Liaison Teacher” is to develop partnership and co-operation between parents, teachers and relevant community agencies. Everybody works together with the best interests of the children in mind.   Parents are encouraged to participate more fully in their children’s education and to become more involved in the life of the school.   We encourage parents to become aware of their own ability in enhancing their children’s educational progress. 

St. Bernadette’s Senior and Junior School has a shared, full-time  Home School Community Liaison Teacher (H.S.C.L.T.) whose job it is to provide this essential link between home and school.   

Our H.S.C.L. Teacher is   Gillian  Lynch

The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) is a teacher who has a specific remit to work in a full time capacity, shared between both schools,  as a Support to Parents, Guardians & Grandparents and to build on the strong partnerships and team-work that exists between Children, Parents,  Guardians, Grandparents and Teachers and Special Needs Assistants in St. Bernadette’s schools.

The HSCL teacher works with parents/guardians in a number of ways:

  •  visiting parents/guardians in their homes
  •   organising courses, talks or meetings for parents/guardians in the school   e.g.  computer classes, support classes for parents, baking, cooking, parenting, fairs, crafts, well-being, keep fit etc.
  •  actively involving parents/guardians in their children’s education e.g through projects such as Science for Fun, Maths for Fun and Literacy for Fun
  • promoting closer partnership between teachers and parents
  • working with the Parents Association
  • working with relevant community agencies that play a role in the life if the child
  • working with Tusla, Tess and the Education Welfare Board.

Gillian is available from 8.50 am – 2.30 pm each school day.

How to contact Gillian: 

  • Parents can drop into the school and meet Gillian.
  • Parents can leave a message for Gillian with the school secretary, Liz.
  • Parents may  phone Gillian  at  (085) 763-0466.
  • Parents may  text / WhatsApp message  Gillian  at  (085) 763-0466.
  • Parents may  e-mail Gillian  at   hscl@bernadettes.ie    


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