5th class will visit Kilmainham Gaol on the 8th April to learn about the Easter Rising 1916.  Our tour guide will give us a brief history of the jail and the people that were sent here during the Easter Rising.  We are looking forward to seeing the cells where prisoners were kept and learning more about the story of Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett.         

Ms. Mc Hugh’s 5th class were treated to a cinema trip in VUE cinema, Liffey Valley on Tuesday 19th February. Having completed our ‘Repak Recycle & Win’ competition last December, we were thrilled to find out we were one of five schools nationwide to have won €1,000 to spend with a Repak member of choice. We look forward to spending the money on school items for all pupils over the coming months. The children in Ms. Mc Hugh’s class suggested a cinema trip and McDonald’s as a treat for all their hard work completing the competition. We had a wonderful day full of giggles and laughter, also ensuring we took all our plastic wrappers with us after our excursion!

The 6th class children will visit Castletown House on the 3rd (Ms. Lynch), 4th (Ms. Maye) and 5th (Ms. Burke) of April.  The children will spend the first hour doing a maths trail around the house and after a break they will enjoy the “Living History Tour.”

6th class visited Kilmainham Jail on the 7th of March.  We were very lucky to have had two excellent tour guides to inform and teach us all the history of the jail.  Before our tour commenced, we were given a health and safety talk.  We sat in the pews of the church where Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford were married. Because Joseph was one of the Leaders during the 1916 Easter Rising, he was executed shortly after he married Grace.  They were not allowed to talk except to exchange their marriage vows.  We saw some of the cells where the leaders were held before their execution and some of them had scratched words on the walls of their cells.  Grace Gifford was imprisoned during the Civil War in 1922 for being a propaganda artist.  She drew a holy picture on the wall of her cell.  In the exercise yard, we did the exercise which the prisoners were required to do for an hour every day. For the last part of our tour we went into the execution yard where many prisoners were hung or killed by firing squad. After our visit to Kilmainham, we went to IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art).  Finally, we visited Memorial Park which commemorates all the Irish people that lost their lives during World War 1.    



On 23rd September we brought thirty children from 5th class on an educational walk along the canal. Our guide on the day Sandra was extremely knowledgeable and very informative.  The children learned a huge amount about the history of the canal and it was very interesting.  They also learned about all the different trees, plants and animals that can be found near the canal. Sarah Dandy from Ms Priest’s class even managed to catch a small frog while we were in the field foraging for berries.  Well done Sarah!!! The children brought empty lunch boxes on the day and they had great fun filling them will blackberries and rose hips. The wild berries were delicious. It was a fantastic day out for all the teachers and students

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