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Lunchtime is an important part of the day for the pupils and an opportunity for them to learn valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

Here in St. Bernadette’s SNS, we are lucky to receive free school lunches in line with the Urban School Meals Scheme. All of our children are supplied with a free morning snack and a free hot meal in the middle of the school day. 

The children choose from a long, varied list with a choice to have something different every day. Parents can help children order from an extensive range of healthy and nutritious snacks and hot lunches.

Simply login on to the Glanmore Foods website with your personal access code to order your child’s lunch.

To change your child’s lunch please click the    Login Area   picture below to log in to change your child’s lunch. You can change your child’s lunch as often as you like.

If you are registering or cannot remember your log in info call Glanmore Foods on 01-8976026. They will advise you of your log in name and your password. 

The school does not have this information. 


  • Children need a good breakfast to start the day, and plenty of time to eat it. Hunger can make them sleepy, and also makes it difficult for them to concentrate and learn at school.
  • Lunches are provided in the school – sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt drinks and crackers are included in this, as well as water and milk. There is no need to send a lunch in for your child, unless you deem the school lunches to be unsuitable.
  • If you do send a lunch for your child, please ensure that it is healthy, as we have a Healthy Eating Policy in our school.
  • We are a Green Flag school and so are trying to decrease the amount of rubbish that we produce. For that reason, we ask you to send in an empty lunchbox in your child’s schoolbag, so that they can bring home their leftovers.
  • We ask all children to have their own water bottles which can be refilled in the school.

We encourage healthy eating in our school community. Milk and water are the only permitted drinks. Both are available free in school. 

The wide and varied menu provides a choice of 5 different meals per day – 25 choices in a week!
It also provides vegetarian or vegan options that cater for pupils’ religious and/or dietary requirements.
The children can choose between chicken tenders, beef, lasagne, roast chicken with vegetables and gravy, chicken curry, Chicken Korma, vegetarian sausages and baked fish fingers, to name but a few.
Parents and guardians can help their child choose their daily meals at home online.

Here is the menu that the pupils can choose from

click the image to download form and open in a new tab


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