The hot lunches are prepared by Glanmore Foods.
The wide and varied menu provides a choice of 5 different meals per day – 25 choices in a week!
It also provides vegetarian or vegan options that cater for pupils’ religious and/or dietary requirements.
The children can choose between chicken tenders, beef, lasagne, roast chicken with vegetables and gravy, chicken curry, Chicken Korma, vegetarian sausages and baked fish fingers, to name but a few.
Parents and guardians can help their child choose their daily meals at home.
Pupils are very happy with the new Hot Lunch Menu.
The hot food has been received very well by the pupils and parents alike.
There are no left-overs or waste as all meals are eaten.
All packaging and cutlery is being recycled in compostable bags.
Morning snacks continue to be given out – yoghurt, cheese, rice cakes, crackers, flapjacks, scones and delicious fruit plus a bottle of water.

Glanmore Foods provide all of our snacks and lunches.

Here is the menu that the pupils can choose from

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