Never Missed A Day!

All children with full attendance or who have excellent attendance receive a medal at the end of the year. They will already have received various awards as the year has gone on.

Some years we have exceptional attendance where a pupil has never missed a day in the school.

24th June 2014

Daniel Karkosa graduates from 6th class this week. Daniel hasn’t missed a day since he started in St. Bernadette’s Senior School. In fact the last time Daniel missed a day was in Senior Infants! Well done!


30th June 2016

A special award was made to Ella D’Arcy who completed sixth class today. Ella hasn’t missed a single day in school in either St. Bernadette’s Junior or Senior Schools. A tremendous achievement. Well done Ella!


30th June 2018

Three children have not missed a day since they started in the Senior School. Well done to Ashley Norton, Emma O’ Reilly and Jonathan Gissane.


30th June 2019

We also had a very rare event in that one student has had full attendance not only this year but through all his time in primary school – both Junior and Senior Schools.

Ryan Monroy has gone over 1,400 school days without missing a single day. He was presented with a special award to mark the achievement on Friday.

Well done Ryan!


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