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Parent Child Plus Programme, is a home based numeracy and literacy parenting programme that strengthens families and prepares children to succeed academically and become a life- long learner.
It is a targeted programme for children aged 16mths to 3 years (approx.). This programme employs local people as Home Visitors and trains them to deliver the programme.
Over a two year period, Home Visitors model oral language, reading and play in their twice weekly visits( 92 visits in all). Families participation on the programme is voluntary and is provided at no costs to the families.
The Parent Child Plus Programme vision is that every child enters school ready to succeed, because every parent has the knowledge and resources to build school readiness where it starts: in the home environment. This is an evidence based programme that promotes language development and therefore is really beneficial for any toddlers/ children who need extra support with their language development.
Our home visitors work in the mornings and afternoons and can accommodate a child attending a crèche in most cases. (Available to families in Clondalkin, Balgaddy and Adamstown)
Currently we have spaces for all of the above please get in touch if you have any questions or referrals for either programme.
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We have enjoyed eight weeks of the Parent’s Plus Course. Thank you so much to Audrey O’Reilly, Donna Kavanagh, Emma Tims and Stacey Dutton. These parents arrived every week and were so committed to participating in the course. They also brought fun, laughter and wisdom. It has been an amazing journey to grow in friendship together and to support and learn from each other.
All the parents who attended the course enjoying a picnic and a day out in the Phoenix Park today. We had an amazing day in the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre. A very special thanks to Stacey for making the day even more special with her handmade gift bags filled with herbs, teas and positive affirmations.
– Gillian and Adrienne.
Parent’s Plus is a completely nonjudgmental, eight-week course. It encourages parents to acknowledge all the things they do right and provides strategies to help them problem solve.
The course will begin again in September.
Please email Gillian at

The Parents Plus course has completed and today, Thursday 17th  November, was Graduation day.

Congratulations and well done to all the parents who participated in the course.

Each parent received a Certificate of Graduation.

All agree that it is a worthwhile and enjoyable course.

Thanks to Mary and Carol from Deansrath Family Resource Centre


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