FYI programme

Find Your Inspiration (FYI) Programme

5th class have embarked upon the FYI programme.

The aim of the programme is to get our pupils thinking about their future careers. In the programme the children will learn about third level education, careers and subject choices for secondary school. During the programme representatives will come in and hold mini ‘workshops’ with our 5th class pupils.

We hope the programme will inspire the children of St Bernadette’s to look to the future and start thinking about what they can do NOW to put themselves in a position to achieve these goals. As part of SPHE, the children in fifth class are taking part in the FYI Programme.

The programme is called Find Your Inspiration and aims to encourage the children to think about careers and to consider jobs that they may be interested in, in the future. The programme consists of lessons for the classroom, games, projects and written activities. Before the programme started the children visited Maynooth University. On the day, they listened to a number of speakers and participated in a concert.

The Maynooth University Access Programme will host the Find Your Inspiration (FYI) Programme Launch in the Iontas Building on Thursday, 26 January 2017. 350 5th class students from five Clondalkin Primary schools will join MAP, the South Dublin County Partnership and Jigsaw Clondalkin to celebrate the beginning of a 12 week journey that will take place in the classroom aimed at increasing young people’s awareness of a range of life opportunities and how to access them.

Teachers from the Clondalkin Primary Schools have developed 10 innovative lesson plans that investigate the 12 sectors of employment, what jobs fit in each sector, the type of employment available in the Clondalkin area, and the different pathways to employment. The young people will learn about their own abilities and interest and will have an opportunities to visit Maynooth University and meet and talk with MAP Ambassadors and University personnel. There are strong reasons for starting career education early as research shows that young people form their aspirations and ideas about careers long before they apply to University or join employment.

MAP Inspirational Student Award winner Nicole Chatham will address the group on Thursday and talk about her own path to university and how her experiences in school and in the community guided her decision to study for a BA in Community and Youth Work. Entertainment at the launch will be provided by the 5 school choirs and the Collinstown Park Community College Choir. Space is limited. Attendance by invitation only. 

Participating schools: 
Scoil Talbot SNS
St Mary’s SNS
St Peter Apostle SNS
Clonburris SNS
St Bernadette’s SNS

South Dublin County Partnership:  a non-profit organisation working to tackle poverty and social exclusion in South Dublin County

Jigsaw Clondalkin: ​Jigsaw Clondalkin is part of a national network of Jigsaw projects supported by Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. 

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