Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offers children educational tools and resources which extend their learning environment. Here at St. Bernadette’s Senior N.S. we believe the judicious use of ICT greatly enhances the effectiveness of teaching and learning for our children.

It helps pupils learn in a new and exciting way and is especially effective in providing support to pupils with specific educational needs.

All of our classrooms are equipped with the latest Clevertouch Interactive boards, Computers, high speed broadband and access to Ipads and Chromebooks.

We believe in preparing our pupils for the technological world we live in by using ICT resources to support the classroom curriculum.

At St. Bernadette’s Senior National School we strive to provide ICT equipment that furthers the teaching and learning of our pupils in this digital age. 

ICT is used in all the classrooms throughout the school in an age appropriate way. 

As there is not a designated time for the use of ICT in teaching and learning teachers integrate its use in curricular subjects e.g. SESE.

Much effort has been made over the years to progress the school by the previous ICT co-ordinator Mr. Tom Bolger and the current co-ordinator.

10 Chromebooks

Currently in the school:

  • we have one computer room with 25 desktops where each classroom is timetabled a slot weekly.
  • we have purchased 10 pupil’s Chromebooks – some for the use in the Special Educational Needs
  • we have purchased 10 pupil’s iPads – some for the use in the Special Educational Needs
  • our school has a website –
  • our school has a Twitter account –
  • our school has a Facebook account  –
  • our school has a Instagram account   –
  • the school now has wireless internet and we have improved the broadband speed.
  • we have a wide range of software installed on the computers and laptops.
  • all mainstream classrooms have an interactive “CLEVERTOUCH” Smartboard and wireless keyboard & mouse.
  • all SET classrooms have a projector, visualiser and wireless keyboard & mouse.
  • most parents receive their notes and letters via e-mail
  • we have used Aldi vouchers to get a scanner, digital microscope and accessories,
  • every teacher has a school laptop provided for planning and teaching.
  • There is a scanner/printer on each block shared to enable the pupils to print their work.
  • we have an online school database, Aladdin.
  • There are 6 pupils in the school with laptops granted by DES under Assistive Technology
  • There is one “Soundfield System”   in operation for a pupil with hearing difficulties.
  • Staff   “WhatsApp”  account.
  • We have two  photocopier/printers in the secretary’s office.
  • we have a school server which pupils and teachers use. This is also backed up to a cloud based server.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us with our ever evolving e-learning vision, and keep checking in here for new developments.


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