School Crest


The school crest was designed in 2007 by two pupils in the school.

A competition was held before Halloween to design a school crest.

Two pupils had ideas that were combined together to create the school crest we have today.

Chantelle Craig in Ms. Deirdre Maye’s 5th  class was a winner.

Alex Racz in Ms. Sarah Reynold’s 3rd class was also a winner.

As it was Halloween both pupils received a Halloween puppet – “Count Dracula” as a prize.

The crest both pupils designed in 2007 is still in use today.

The crest consists of a yellow shield with a banner displaying the school’s name.


There are three icons in the crest:

Book of Knowledge:  This represents teaching and learning for all pupils

A Football:  This represents sport, enjoyment and fitness for all pupils.

World Globe: This represents inclusion and a warm welcome to all pupils from all countries


The school motto is


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