Annually, in mid-November, we usually invite parents into the school to meet the class teacher to discuss your child’s progress and ability. As we continue to implement the necessary precautionary and protective practices during Covid-19 restrictions, to keep the school safe and open, we must reduce, as much as possible, the amount of callers and visitors to the school. Therefore, we are unable to invite all parents into the school this year to meet teachers and other staff members.

The recommendations are for meetings between parents and teachers to be conducted remotely through on-line meetings / telephone communications, if at all possible.

Instead, we are sending the parent teacher report home with the pupils. A copy of the report will also be e-mailed to you shortly.

You can follow up, if you wish, with a telephone conversation with the teacher.

Working together, we can all keep the school as safe as possible for all and keep it open.



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