Quiz Results

3rd classes

Congratulations to Kyra Higgins, AJ Cunningham & Tilly Malone who finished 1st, 2nd & 3rd in a tough Maths Quiz about Length & 2D Shapes.

Our 3 winners are all in Ms. O’Neill’s 3rd class.

She’s a very proud teacher!

4th classes

Well done to Tyler Kelly, Macy Reilly & Devon O’Brien who beat 16 other contestants to make it to the Podium in a 4th class quiz about Ireland!


5th classes

Congratulations to Kya McEvoy, Kaylin Garland & Jaden McEvoy who beat 21 other competitors in 5th class in a challenging Maths Quiz!

Our 3 winners are all from Ms. Grant’s Class.

She’s a very proud teacher today!

5th February 2021

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