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Home School Hub: Marching into a new month!

Even though some of the younger classes are going back the Home School Hub crew are still keeping it going for everyone else.

It’s Seachtain na Gaeilge 2021 so there will be lots of fun learning and activities, like ‘Séamus Says’ as Gaeilge. Join in and have a laugh!

It’s a really really busy week with lots of fun activities and learning and there’s another trip to Dublin Zoo. Kelly and John from The Discovery and Learning Team are back to introduce you to more amazing animals!

Click here to see what other animals will be appearing.

Meet some baby meerkats this week!

Monday, 1 March

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Muinteoir Ray will be teaching us about Town Planning in today’s geography class.
Geography – Planning

We’ll be learning how to look after birds and making our own bird feeder with Múinteoir John.
Geography – Birds

Inniu tús Sheachtain na Gaeilge agus beimid ag foghlaim an amhráin “Bean Pháidín” i rang Gaeilge le Múinteoir Clíona.

Beidh Ray ag insint dúinn faoina ghrá don Ghaeilge agus beimid ag ceiliúradh lá breithe Theidí le ceapairí freisin.

And we’ll working up a sweat in Exercise with Emer on Monday and all through the week!

Home School Hub 11am
Let’s learn how different angles and friction of surfaces can have an impact on how objects behave with Múinteoir Ray.
Science – force and friction

Múinteoir John shows us different styles of dance and how it can accompany music.

And we look at climate change and the impact of deforestation with Múinteoir Clíona.
Climate change
Tíreolaíocht – Ahrú aeráide

Tuesday, 2 March

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray will be kickin’ to the beat as he introduces us to the world of breakdancing.
PE – Dancing

We’ll be learning about waterproofing in today’s science class with Múinteoir John.
Waterproof test

Múinteoir Clíona will be showing us how to create our own Cherry Blossom Tree in this beautiful art Class.

Beidh John agus Seamus ag imirt ‘Séamus Says’ fresin inniu

Home School Hub 11am
Múinteoir Ray reads a lovely story called ‘The Little Black Sheep of Connemara’ written by Elizabeth Shaw and we look at some creative thinking methods.

Today with Múinteoir John we look at the story of Diarmuid and Gráinne and Na Fianna.
History – Diarmuid and Gráinne

Tá an samhradh beagnach linn agus tá spleodar an nádúir le feiceáil mórthimpeall orainn. Inniu sa rang Gaeilge le Múinteroir Clíona tá muid chun labhairt faoin samhradh!

Múinteoir Emer is here all week too to keep everyone active!

Wednesday, 3 March

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray will be introducing us to the tales of Finn in today’s English reading class. 
English – Finn’s First Song

Maths is on the cards with Múinteoir John as he will be introducing us to the Fibonacci sequence.

We’ll be taking a trip back in time to the Swinging 60’s with Múinteoir Clíona in today’s History class.

Beidh Múinteoir John ag insint dúinn faoina ghrá don Ghaeilge agus tá fadhb mhór againn mar tá Teidí i bhfolach.

Home School Hub 11am
Beimid ag foghlaim faoi na baill beatha! Agus beimid ag caint, ag éisteacht, ag léamh agus ag damhsa le Muinteoir Ray!!

Múinteoir John shows us the importance of balance and hand eye coordination skills in sports. This might be good practice for Friday’s special event!
PE – Balance

And, we learn all about the Renaissance period in Florence and all about the Gutenberg press in Múinteoir Clíona’s history class.

Thursday, 4 March

NEW Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray will be showing us how magnets work in today’s science class.
Science – Magnets

Beidh Múinteoir John ag múineadh an “Du-Ron-Ron” dúinn i rang Cheoil.
Gaeilge – Ceol

We’ll be learning all about Mime and the work of Marcel Marceau in today’s Drama class with Múinteoir Clíona.
Drama – Mime

Tá Múinteoir John agus Séamus ar ais linn arís do SnaG, an uair seo tá said ag imirt cluiche Pictionary.

Keep on moving with Múinteoir Emer too.

Home School Hub 11am
We learn about vocal rhythms and melodies with Múinteoir Ray and he teaches us a Frank & Walters classic. We’ll be prepping for the big day ahead…
Music – Choral singing

We join forces with Team Ireland to bring you the ultimate school sports day in your own home! On your marks, set, go….

Friday, 5 March

NEW Home School Hub 10am
In English class, we will be learning all about narrative writing with Múinteoir Ray.

We’ll be playing a song and dance game and throwing shapes in today’s music class with Múinteoir John.

Múinteoir Clíona will be introducing us to the life of Marie Antoinette in today’s history class.

Cad is féidir le seamus a dhéanamh le liathróid ghorm agus John le giotár? Gheobhaimid amach!

AND Múinteoir Emer is here with the final workout of the week.

Home School Hub 11am
Múinteoir Ray needs your help to put together the bid for the FIFA 2027 Women’s World Cup, come on Ireland we can do it!
Geography – World Cup

Múinteoir John will be teaching us all about light and reflection in today’s science class.
Science – Light
Eolaíocht – Solas

And on Friday lets look at the concept of gratitude and learn how to capture our memories with Múinteoir Clíona. 
SPHE – In English
SPHE – As Gaeilge

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